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October 14th, 2013

Hello Fantastic Friends!!

WOW! This earth is SOOO beautiful!!! :) I have been so thankful for the perfect family sessions I have been able to be part of. This family is quite a delight. We photographed in a beautiful canyon last Saturday in the Utah mountains. GORGEOUS! I hope you are taking the time to spend a last few moments enjoying the beautiful scenery before the earth goes to sleep and rejuvenates! I am booking family sessions for the upcoming fall & winter months! Book your spot this week! :)

~Blessings! Jenna Julianne :) Have the BEST WEEK EVER! Email me for pricing. I photograph EVERYWHERE.


JennaJulianneP1 JennaJulianneP2 JennaJulianneP3


At the Ranch

September 30th, 2013

It was AMAZING to photograph this BEAUTIFUL family!!! With a combination of the fresh mountain air, artistic real scenery, the peaceful setting sun, grazing cattle and the family’s positive frequencies, it sure made for a picture perfect family session. I could NOT have asked for anything better! They even invited me to stay for dinner with them, which was a blast! (Thank-you)! I got to make a yummy salad dressing for them and Banana Cacao Ice Cream for dessert!

It was so much fun touring their ranch and being with their family. I am SO happy with their pictures, and I can’t wait for them to cherish each image for a lifetime. Their family is stalwart and amazing, kind and true! They give to all around them and are blessed with a happy spirit.

As I walked to my car at 9:30pm, Elk where bugling to each other as they descended from the mountains and into the moonlit valley. Their crystal clear calls from only a half a mile away electrified my spirit. It was one of the neatest moments of my life! WAY AMAZING SESSION! THANK YOU!! :) Best wishes to them and to all!

Jenna Julianne!

Call to book your family session for this fall/winter! Contact me to schedule, I would love to photograph you!


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200 Million Dollar Mansion, Pro Skater, AudiR8 & a GTR

September 16th, 2013

What happens when you envision your dreams?! THEY COME TRUE! Congrats to Kevin Fedderson, Pro Skateboarder, for envisioning this shoot and making one of his dreams come true. What an AWESOME experience it was to photograph Kevin for his portfolio. Thank you to Sean and Blake for the use of the cars and the beautiful mansion! Sean and Blake are SUPER great, and we are excited to be friends with them.  The sunset was GORGEOUS and I photographed with a rainbow behind me! Kevin even got a few shots of me, for my portfolio (thanks Kevin)! The whole event was SUPER epic.  Photographing on the top of the Utah Mountains with GREAT people, and a hip environment…..loved it! The BEST EVER.

Kevin is part of the Karen’s Energy A Team!!! Look for Karen’s Energy’s new RAW Energy Power Bars to come out soon!

Thank you to Sean, Blake, Kevin & Casey!

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~Jenna Julianne






Bobbi & Matt- Minnesota Lakefront Wedding

August 22nd, 2013

Bobbi and Matt are an AMAZING couple ! WOW! Every detail of their day spoke their love. With their family joined in unison, the happy spirit that filled the air was tangible. I am SO happy for this beautiful couple. Bobbi and Matt where married on their family’s lakefront shore in northern Minnesota and everything was simply perfect! All of the decorations where made by them. I LOVED photographing this wedding! It was so personalized and the tender moments throughout the day where so special! My favorite part was before the ceremony when Bobbi and Matt had their “First Look.” Separated only by 6 feet, they were hidden from each other as they read the letters they had written to each other. I was photographing behind flowers and green trees silently and swiftly. The moment came where they both looked up at me as they finished reading. As they both stood with tears in their eyes, it was the moment for Bobbi to be revealed to Matt, and him to her. All of their love, sacrifice, trials and teamwork where built up into this moment. My breath was taken away as this intense feeling of love pounded through my veins, and I know through their hearts. I teared in my eyes as I motioned through a nod for them to step past the edge to see each other. I know the feeling I felt was only a small molecule of what they felt for each other.

Their journey will forever be so positive and in love.

The rest of the day from the First Look, the Ceremony, the Family & Bridal Party Portraits, and to the Reception was blissful and beautiful. Individually Matt and Bobbi can do amazing things. Together, they will change the world. May their whole family enjoy the love they felt that day FOREVER! LOVE ROCKS! Thank you Bobbi and Matt! YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.

Jenna Julianne



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Sneak Peak! Bobbi & Matt – Minnesota Lakefront Wedding

August 10th, 2013



SuperFood Class Tonight at Karen’s Energy Wellness Center

July 11th, 2013

Teaching a class tonight with Professional Skateboarder and SuperFood Warrior Kevin Fedderson at Karen’s Energy Wellness Center in Utah. Class is at 7PM $15  and is called “FUEL FOR ATHLETES: Food as Your Fuel.” We are SO pumped! Why shouldn’t you be taking whey protein and synthetic commercial protein power bars and powders? What SuperFoods should you take while training? What are the best blends of PRE and POST workout smoothies? What foods help the vegan become the hulk? How can you retain ENERGY and repair your muscles properly? Come learn the SuperFoods, SuperHerbs, and Antioxidant Rich, High Net Gain Alkaline Foods that will change your life and help you live to be well past 150. Come learn the CLEAN way of being the strongest, fittest, most beautiful powerful athlete you can be. You may just turn into superman (really). I’m STOKED to share what I love!!

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Michelle & Michael – Golf Course Wedding

July 6th, 2013

Congratulations to Michelle & Michael! What LOVELY couple they are! It was an honor capturing their peaceful, harmonious wedding.  They will certainly live a happy life together as they where meant for one another. May their lives be filled with excitement, love and joy each day!


JennaJulianne1 JennaJulianne3 JennaJulianne5 JennaJulianne21 JennaJulianne19 JennaJulianne2 JennaJulianne4 JennaJulianne6 JennaJulianne7 JennaJulianne8 JennaJulianne9 JennaJulianne10 JennaJulianne11 JennaJulianne12 JennaJulianne13 JennaJulianne14 JennaJulianne15 JennaJulianne16 JennaJulianne17 JennaJulianne18 JennaJulianne19


Perfect Sun, Perfect Yoga

July 6th, 2013

Tasha is AMAZING and is currently attending a great massage school and is beginning her yoga instructing career! I am SO excited for her! She has a passion for eating healthy organic foods and loves sharing truths about having a perfect healthy lifestyle. What could be better!? We had a GREAT session in the lovely Utah Mountains. We literally drove along cliffs to get to this spot to photograph. My heart was racing as we climbed and climbed! The sun was nearly perfect, the flowers where popping out everywhere, the weather was great and I KNEW this photo session was going to be the best ever! It was!

These images have ZERO editing done to them!

What a terrrific blessing to just capture the beauty of nature. The sun flare in these images are rockin! Tasha is a beautiful woman and her future is as bright as her dreams! Good luck to you Tasha! ;)


JennaJulianne15 JennaJulianne1 JennaJulianne2 JennaJulianne3 JennaJulianne4 JennaJulianne5 JennaJulianne6 JennaJulianne7 JennaJulianne8 JennaJulianne9 JennaJulianne10 JennaJulianne12 JennaJulianne13 JennaJulianne14


Beauty Food Model

June 13th, 2013

Alaine is a beautiful friend of mine, inside and out! She also is a SuperFood Beauty Queen. If you are looking to improve the quality of your life- eating clean, wholesome, organic and raw foods is the way to go! I myself eat a 95% “Raw Food/Living Food” Diet. It consists of plant based, nutrient dense living foods of all kinds! My lifestyle of eating is one that is sweeping America. Alaine has been living this way for her whole life and can you see how beautiful she is!? Clean foods in= perfected, glowing, happy appearance! This is possible for anyone if they change their diet to eating living foods! I recommend you read a book from David Wolfe called, “Eating for Beauty.” Buy it today!  

The lei Alaine is modeling is straight from the islands of Hawaii! If I didn’t tell you we were photographing on the Salt Lake Flats of Utah, you might have guessed we actually where in Hawaii! We joked the entire time that we were in Hawaii, as well as India by the beginning images posted! EVERYTHING worked out PERFECT. The sun was golden, the air was warm fresh and clear. The light wind picked up Alaine’s hair and scarfs at the right time. It was so relaxing to photograph at that moment. Neither of us knew the time, we just connected with the sun, and photographed! I loved every moment, and I love how gorgeous her images are.

I think Alaine can truly inspire all of us to eat healthy! It truly shows! For more information on the raw food diet, including (KILLER AWESOME RECIPES), visit www.KarensEnergy.com! :) The Tayla Mist Alaine is holding in one of her images is actually perfected water crystals that hydrate the skin! When you use this, your skin becomes like butter! UG! I love it! GREAT for after a day spent in the sun. It is so nourishing to the skin because it can enter the body so quickly. That is a whole lesson we could talk about right there! – Summer in the Sun! (Presented at Karen’s Energy Wellness Center).

Go out and ENJOY LIFE!

-Jenna Julianne-


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Laguna Beach~ Engagement

June 13th, 2013

WOW! All I can say is, this couple is STUNNING! They were so FUN to photograph, they will have such a happy life together! We hit a secret beach located near the La Montage Resort in Laguna Beach, CA. The location was epic, the lighting was perfect, and their love was so strong! Thank you both! Congratulations on your special engagement!

JennaJulianne29 JennaJulianne28 JennaJulianne27 JennaJulianne26 JennaJulianne25 JennaJulianne24 JennaJulianne23 JennaJulianne21 JennaJulianne20 JennaJulianne19 JennaJulianne18 JennaJulianne17 JennaJulianne16